Extensive - the most common type of Green Roof, an extensive roof consists of a shallow substrate; typically 20-200mm deep and a variety of drought tolerant hardy plants/vegetation. An extensive roof is also referred to as a wild flower or sedum roof.

Extensive roofs are relatively self-sufficient and are not designed and constructed with the intention of being trafficked by pedestrians. Therefore access to the roof tends to be limited other than for occasional maintenance.

Intensive - an intensive Green Roof can be as simplistic or as complex as the client desires. Intensive roofs consist of a deep soil layer; typically 150-1500mm. Due to this soil depth there is greater scope of planting available. The roof can be viewed very much like a traditional garden area and can be landscaped accordingly to include trees, lawns, flower beds and paved areas. An intensive roof is also referred to as a roof garden or living roof. An intensive roof requires the same level of care and attention as any traditional garden.